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Greetings and welcome to Private Club! We are a top-quality graphics and printing house that cooperates with Thailand’s leading agencies and is recognized by countless different organizations. In every area of our work, we promise that we will not only serve you as our customers, but as deeply valued friends and acquaintances.

At Private Club, which we’ve playfully nicknamed our "Business Card Empire," we are the country’s largest source for quality business cards at great prices. We are confident in our ability to create the perfect business card for you, whether it’s cards in the low to medium price range or even luxurious, elegant high-end business cards. At our studio, we carry over 100 types of paper and offer a portfolio containing no less than 1000 business card samples! Our genius in this trade has transformed us into the Business Card Empire. We stand ready to serve our customers, whether Thai or foreign, so everyone can have access to fabulous, first-rate business cards at reasonable prices.
We also offer custom-designed, quality printed material for business owners and stores to help promote your company’s brand image and credibility. We mainly specialize in simple elegance and less-is-more minimalist styles.
Private Club is able to help you build your brand by designing logo, business cards and stationery including letterheads, business envelopes, brochures, leaflets & flyers, catalogues, folders, billboards & signage, posters, etc. for your business. Fusing fonts, colors and materials to function together in the most dynamic way possible, we create high-end printed matter to support the unique identity of your company. Interested in requesting a quotation? You can contact us by phone or send us further details by e-mail. We promise to reply as soon as possible.
1. Contact us   2. Select your templates   3. Submit proofs
Start your order by sending us an email stating your needs and what choice of printed matter you want to create. Please specify the type of paper you have in mind and details such as thickness, with or without coating, etc. and we will send you an offer as soon as possible. If you agree to the price offered, please sign the purchase order and transfer 100% of the total cost. Then we can start the work immediately.   If you already have a completed design on hand, you can send the files of artwork to us so we can begin production immediately. If there is no existing design, we provide an artwork creation service with templates for you to choose from.   After you select a template, our graphic design department will send you a design to be approved for accuracy. You can have it revised several times if needed. Our goal is a design that is accurate and to your satisfaction.
4. Final proof   5. Color proofs and printing   6. Delivery
After adjusting it to your satisfaction, our graphic design department will send you a final proof. If everything checks out both in design and typography and fine details such as spelling, etc, please confirm via e-mail to authorize printing.   For many of our products, we offer free color proofs or mock-ups so you can verify the colors and overall look of the design before its actual production! (Please note that some products require payment for color proofs/additional proofs.) This process takes about 5-7 days; however, if you are not very particular about the color and prefer a faster delivery, you may authorize us to skip this step and proceed directly to production.   We offer the following delivery services:
Business cards:
Luxury - Free delivery via registered mail.
Premium - Free delivery via registered mail.
Best Sellers - Free delivery via registered mail.
Classic - Delivery charges according to our company’s rates.
Economy - Delivery charges according to our company’s rates.
Brochures, leaflets, flyers, folders, envelopes & letterheads - Free delivery via messenger.

For customers who do not already have a business card design, we provide designs for you with over 100 templates to choose from. We’ve prepared many styles for your selection, whether Minimal, Modern or Loft Style, and have created many trendy designs so you’ll get the most beautiful business cards in the shortest amount of time. Simply choose a template, send your logo and details to us and we will customize layout for you right away. Once you receive the layout, you can also have it adjusted to your liking. Our templates serve as a framework for approximately 70% of the design. If you want to add or change various design elements such as the colors and fonts, just notify us right away. Should you desire a luxurious style with special paper types, check out our Luxury Paper Types To add special effects, see Luxury Business Cards You can conceptualize the special effects and type of paper you want and we will further advise you and send you another bid.

We are the Business Card Empire. Not only we are the center for every type of name card; we are Thailand's biggest business card manufacturing center. Many customers come to us with their varying needs. Some prefer cheap, others prefer medium quality, others love hi-so, luxury products. Let us tell you that you've come to the right location. We can make everything according to your needs, no matter how unique they may be. Please allow us to introduce you to our current special Promotions right here. . . .
- Free delivery provided for promotional items
- Other items will be charged delivery costs according to our company’s rates
- If you desire delivery by messenger (only available in downtown Bangkok), please contact our staff to reserve a messenger queue and make a delivery appointment - note that a fee will be charged for delivery by messenger
After the design process is completed, we have a "color proof" or "mock up" stage so that you can see a sample of the product before the actual printing; we will mail the proof to you. After you have received it, just perform a final check and let us know whether or not everything is okay with the proof. Then we will proceed with final production. You can request a quotation from us. Please let us know the specifications for your project. We will quickly draw up a quotation and reply to you within 1-2 working days. Send us an email to request a quotation at:  

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