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We are quite certain that the majority of our customers love our work. Only once in a long while do problems arise from misunderstandings or other technical errors. If you encounter such an error, please contact us immediately. We will find a way to repair the error, improve it or find the best way out for you. Sometimes we will even reprint the entire order, or provide you with a discount. But if our work is still not to your satisfaction, we will be happy to refund you under the following terms:

Refunds for design work
Personal design tastes play a large part in making a beautiful desgn that perfectly falls into place. Since everyone has unique tastes – some prefer very modern designs, and others adhere to more traditional styles – there is no right or wrong since design is purely a matter of personal preference. Our team at Private Club is of the new generation. As such, we are very modern-minded and keep ourselves up to date with today’s trends, both those that are currently popular in Thailand or abroad. We emphasize a short, simple, clear, concise and unchaotic style with simple elegance and minimalism that can convey your business very well. We can easily say that most of our customers like our style. Yet for certain there isn’t anyone who can come up with a perfect design that a customer is completely satisfied with on the first try. Therefore our team is ready to make the needed adjustments for you for the specified number of times in your design package. We will try to make the final design very pleasing to you. But if in the end you do not find satisfaction in our work, we will deduct a design fee that is half the price of the design, because the design is based on an idea, and we submit the files of artwork to the customer for proofing during the design process. In any case, you will have already received previous samples of our work for your consideration as to whether our design style is suited to your business before choosing to begin the design process with us.

Refunds on printing work
Once a design is completed to your liking, printing comes next and is a very important step. In fact half of the design is in the printing - even a beautiful design can fail when printed on the wrong materials or poor quality printers. Our team at Private Club is very skilled and places a big focus on selecting the appropriate materials used in printing as well. We typically recommend imported, high quality papers for all of our customers, because these have a silky smooth, beautiful and classic quality to them that doubles the value of the end product. And we have a large selection for you to choose from, whether it’s white, cream, pearl or various colors, and whether your preference is for thick or thin papers - we have a wide range of materials for your choice. Other customers want a completely unique namecard that is unlike any other - eclectic, avant-garde, unconventional or high class. We can also achieve this for you with special printing techniques, whether it’s a matte or glossy laminate, various types of foil stamps - for which we have many colors that you can choose from, for example gold, silver, pink, green, purple, indigo, blue, etc - or embossing, debossing, die-cut laser to create unique shapes, varnishing with spot UV; any of these we can do for you. And do not forget the high quality printers used the in process that are valued in the tens of millions of baht. We have our own printers, whether for offset printing, laser printing, or silkscreen. We will recommend the printer most suited to each job for each customer, with our team implementing quality controls at every step of the process until the product is 100% completed, and beautifully, at that. But if you are not satisfied with our final product, we will deduct half the total fee, since we have already produced the final product and sent it to you. We can only refund you on the condition that you return all the goods to us.

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