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Every company needs sales. No matter how good your products are, if the world doesn’t know about them, it’s no use. Aside from today’s essential online media, indispensable forms of offline media are brochures or flyers - certainly recommended for every company to have on hand.

At Private Club we do not recommend just introducing your products or services in the typical form; we also recommend that you put your company profile, awards info, ISO certifications, fun activities, promotions or company name and contact information into your brochures, leaflets, or flyers too.

Private Club offers design and production of brochures from conventional to luxurious styles to promote your company’s image. Our design layouts are simple and concise, divided into clear, readable sections, infusing patterns and colors for added style. We are confident we can create an outstandingly chic brochure that tells the story of your company and will captivate your clients. Once we have an approved design, we can print anywhere from small to large quantities, with a minimum amount of 500 pcs. We use a high quality printer producing clear, colorful images. We accept the responsibility to provide you with excellent and guaranteed results. This brochure will be part of the impression that your clients receive and, in turn, bring in the orders.


For customers who do not already have a business card design, we provide designs for you with over 100 templates to choose from. We’ve prepared many styles for your selection, whether Minimal, Modern or Loft Style, and have created many trendy designs so you’ll get the most beautiful business cards in the shortest amount of time. Simply choose a template, send your logo and details to us and we will customize layout for you right away. Once you receive the layout, you can also have it adjusted to your liking.

Our templates serve as a framework for approximately 70% of the design. If you want to add or change various design elements such as the colors and fonts, just notify us right away. Should you desire a luxurious style with special paper types, check out our Luxury Paper Types To add special effects, see Luxury Business Cards You can conceptualize the special effects and type of paper you want and we will further advise you and send you another bid.

Folding patterns:




For certain businesses with strong focus on image, you are not handing out brochures to the general public, but to VIP’s and high class customers. Therefore, plain paper is not distinctive enough when you want to close that deal in the millions or tens of millions.

Private Club presents a selection of more than 100 types of luxury paper including thick, hard, thin, soft, smooth, textured, dark colors or pastels. Simply said, we have every choice you want to make. And we use the best Offset, Digital Offset or Silkscreen printers which give crisp, clear prints with great color on paper. The results are stunning. Also, if you want to add special effects, whether embossing, debossing, gold, silver and color foil, Spot UV, Die-cut or splicing – we can do them all. These will make your brochures and flyers elegant, striking and uniquely suited to you. We would be happy to work with you to produce a dazzling end product. If interested, you can come in right now to choose the paper and give us your specificiations...
You can request a quotation. Please send your detailed order specifications. We will send a quote to you within 1-2 days. To request, please contact:

Request free paper samples and samples of our previous work to help you decide whether to place an order and determine the quality of our work. It’s FREE!!! (Takes 3-5 business days.) To request samples, please contact:

Today, it is easy to find a place to design and produce print matter there are shops that provide such services all over the place. Yet top notch, professional work is much harder to come by in the market. As such, we believe that Private Club is exceptional; not only can we get the job done right, but we care about providing our customers with excellence. The five things which we emphasize are ...

We are confident that the majority of our customers really like our work. But, in some instances which are few and far between, there happens to be a problem potentially caused by misunderstanding or technical error. Should you encounter such an incident, please contact us. We will make it right, make it better or work to provide you with the optimal solution.

Once the design is complete, we have "color proofs" or "mock-ups" for your review before the actual production. These will be sent to you by mail. Once you receive it, just check it over and send us a reply as to whether or not it is approved. Only then we will proceed with production.

- We offer free shipping for promotional items/services.
- Other products will incur a mail delivery charge according to our company’s rates.
- If you want your product delivered by a messenger (downtown Bangkok only), please call to set up an appointment for the delivery, for which there will be a delivery charge.

100% payment for goods and delivery to be made on the date of the purchase agreement.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please call our Customer Service at 02 865 4424, 02 865 4425 or email We are open during the following times:
Monday - Friday 09.15 AM - 06.15 PM
Saturdays 09.15 AM - 05.15 PM
Sunday (Close)
(Public holidays excluded.)

Demonstrating professionalism in your field is one of the most important elements of every business dealing. Professionalism begins with a business card to represent the identity of you and your company. At Private Club, we are able to manufacture every type of business card. We provide everything from low-cost to medium quality or luxury, high-end products. You are free to select according to your needs. If you want to hand out business cards en masse, then our low cost business cards should answer to your needs. If you're seeking a business card that reflects a high class identity, we also have what you need. The price per piece may be upwards of 10 baht, but if it allows you to close that deal in the hundreds of thousands or millions of baht, then there's no need to ask whether it's worth the investment. If you are interested in our business cards, please contact our staff.
Established brands should use themed letterheads and envelopes which will add credibility, especially for your most distinguished clients. Make yourself stand out from your competitors and secure those big contracts. A small investment in a chic letterhead and nice envelope cannot compare to the sizeable advantage you will gain. We create quality printing with high standards at reasonable prices. Make a set of letterhead papers and envelopes to match your business cards or other company media. Contact us for whichever kind of paper and envelope you are looking for.
During a presentation, in addition to rhetoric, complimentary documents are very important to help your customers picture what you want them to see. Your folder is another key tool to hold those important documents and further boost your company’s brand image. Folders with or without spines, with pockets on the inside, only on the right or on both sides, with or without a business card slot, etc., we can customize them exactly according to your needs.

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