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Our company, Niceangel Co., Ltd., was established in 2007. Our main business consists of designing and the production of printed media with a strong emphasis on namecards and business cards. Our trade symbol is "Private Club," and the"Business Card Empire" is our company’s slogan because we fully believe in our ability to create a diverse supply of business cards, from the cheapest to medium range to elaborate, luxury products suited for those who frequent high society. At our student, we have over 100 paper samples for you to choose from, and no less than 1000 samples of previous work in our portfolio. Therefore we are utterly confident of our genius in this trade, and have playfully nicknamed ourselves the "Business Card Empire". We stand ready to serve every one of our clients, whether Thai or foreign so that everyone can have outstanding business cards at reasonable prices.
Private Club, or Niceangel Co., Ltd., was established with the mindset of being a private club for those who love design work and designing, with an eye for luxury and perfection in their Corporate Identity (CI), who desire trendy and modern minimalist media to represent their companies, and a product that’s ready made and ready-to-go-media that will raise their level of corporate branding to the highest level of professionalism, to gain a cutting edge in markets that are rife with competition.
At Private Club, we don’t just design and print like most businesses that place the greatest emphasis on saving time and costs but with neglect to end quality. We carefully train our employees to be thorough and disciplined in their work. We have printers, lamination machines and heavy cutting machines. The high quality we provide will make your end result nothing short of stunning and eye-catchingly beautiful. Rest assured the product you receive will be very pleasing, and you won’t need to worry or encounter the headache of a cheap but low-grade product.
From the experience of our management at the outset of our business, until today, we have learned through trial and error; we’ve had extensive experience in design for various products and a diverse range of companies – today, we have used those lessons learned from previous mistakes to incorporate problem-solving steps into our workflow, to reduce the amount of error and ensure qualified work within the indicated timeframe.
Our Philosophy
All Private Club staff adhere to the following work ethic:
We tell you the truth; we don’t exaggerate. You can trust us.
We have gained credibility
with many customers,
because we create a quality
end product at a reasonable
price - not too cheap and
not too expensive.
We are fast! We make our best effort with every project to deliver on time, within the specified timeframe.
As colleagues, we remind
each other to be on time,
because we know that our
customers have important
engagements forwhich
they need these products.
We perform several careful
QCs for every project –
typically more than once
in order to ensure that
your work will be of
the very best quality.

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